Murder, La Marseillaise, Macarons and More! Bastille Day 2011 Celebration at the Commonwealth Club

Pim Techamuanvivit, Cara Black, Cathy Curtis

Murder, Macarons, the Marseillaise and more… at the Commonwealth Club Bastille Day 2011.

The “gold room” at the Commonwealth  in San Francisco was briefly transported to Paris as Cara Black, author of the Aimee Leduc detective series discussed her most current book, Murder in Passy with Cathy Curtis, Chair of the Bay Gourmet Forum of the Commonwealth Club of California.

The audience was an enthusiastic group of foodies and Francophiles who didn’t hesitate to be led in a rousing if off-key rendition of “ La Marseillaise” and who  devoured  Pim Techamuanvivit’s (of the popular blog magnificent marcarons offered in five delectable flavors:  Figues a la verveine (figs with verbena), abricot-pistache (apricot pistachio), fraise a l’estragon (strawberry tarragon) and the’ vert au cerise (green  tea with cherry)
By popular vote, it was decided that the abricot-pistache flavor would be named Aimee Leduc for it’s feisty flavors.

Pim's Macarons

You can listen to the audio version of the program by following this link:

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